I Need Drugs!

This is an application for finding the nearest pharmacy locations in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, Poland. You can select the search radius and the method of transportation.

The project is no longer being developed.


Functionalities description

The project is designed to find the nearest pharmacy (and possibly several alternatives). The user’s position can be determined using the device’s built-in GPS or based on a manually entered address. Results are displayed on Google Maps, and a route is drawn to the nearest pharmacy. Users can also narrow their search by specifying a maximum radius in kilometers. The application also allows the selection of a mode of transportation – car or on foot – and depending on the choice, plots a route using only public roads or considering dirt roads, paths, sidewalks, etc.


How it works

  • The Android client application sends a GET request to the server with the longitude, latitude, and radius passed in the parameters.
  • The server calculates the distances for each pharmacy in the database based on the parameters received from the client and sends the results back to the client in the form of an array of objects as JSON. The results are sorted in ascending order by distance before being sent.
  • After receiving the results, the client displays them on the map (taking into account the limit – by default 10 pharmacies). A route is drawn between the starting position and the point with the shortest distance (taking into account the mode of transportation) and the map view is set to include the starting point, the endpoint, and the route.


Technology stack

Client (Android) – Sencha Touch 2.4.2 Framework (JavaScript), Google Maps API, Cordova (for building apk file)

Server (platform-independent) – Node.js (JavaScript), ExpressJS (for making client-server communication easier)